Endodontics is a treatment consisting in the removal of the pulp tissue (‘nerve’) located inside the tooth roots, to keep the tooth and its masticatory function. It is the three-dimensional sealing of the root canals with suitable materials (gutta-percha).

Tooth for endodontic (root canal) treatment


Tooth that has had endodontic (root canal) treatment

When to do it

When dental caries has destroyed a large part or the whole of the tooth crown.

When we have pain, sensitivity to cold or heat or mastication problems in the tooth.

Is it painful?

It is not painful; the treatment is performed under local anaesthesia.

When the effect of the anaesthesia wears off, you may experience a mild discomfort/pain; you can take some medication if you need to.

The area can become inflamed on few occasions, especially when there was previous infection. Taking an antibiotic will calm down the infection.

Are endodontically treated teeth more fragile?

Remember that the treated tooth is more fragile; refrain from chewing very hard things with it.

For that reason, it is advisable on most occasions to place caps to protect the tooth and reduce the possibility of fracture.

Technology in endodontics

The endodontists at Instituto Dental have at their disposal modern technological advances (apex locator, radiovisiography, mechanised endodontic motor) which, together with the application of high-quality materials, allow us to offer our patients the highest success rate when treating the tooth nerve.

The main advantage for patients using radiovisiography (computer-assisted x-rays) is the lower exposure to x-rays (irradiation time is only one sixth of what is needed with conventional x-rays).

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