Dental bleaching

Dental bleaching

The aesthetic demand has been increasing to a considerable extent during the last decade. Patients are very interested in dental bleaching because having a beautiful smile is of great importance for most people’s social and professional success.

Dental bleaching

Dental bleaching

Dental bleaching

Dental bleaching

Why do my teeth need bleaching?

There are many reasons for us to want to have white teeth, since the smile is one of the first things that we notice in interpersonal relationships. The same as we are different in hair colour, skin colour or face shape, a person’s teeth also differ from those of another person in shape and colour.

Very few people have shiny, white teeth; moreover, they become gradually darker with age due to habits such as tobacco, tea, coffee, cola soft drinks, red wine…

All these stains which are acquired over time may be reversible with an outpatient (at home) or inpatient clinical (pulsed light) bleaching treatment.

Why is it advisable to have my teeth bleached in a dental clinic?

Even if it is done at home, bleaching must always be indicated and supervised by a dentistry professional and must never be carried out in a mouth that is not in optimum health condition and presents problems such as:

  • gingivitis or periodontal disease
  • caries
  • tooth fissures
  • significant enamel losses
  • wrongly placed fillings

How long does the treatment last?

Outpatient treatment (at home) usually lasts 2 weeks. The dentist takes a mould of the lower and upper dental arches in order to make splints.

The treatment will be applied at home using bleaching gel (Carbamide peroxide) on the splints for an hour and then a fluoride gel to protect the teeth.

Control sessions with the odontologist will take place every week.

Is there any other way to bleach teeth?

We have a system with an advanced Power laser zoom lamp at Instituto Dental.

This system is designed to meet the needs of a patient who does not have much time and wishes immediate results, without sacrificing quality or safety.

Dental bleaching

Dental bleaching

How long will my teeth stay white?

The bleaching effects last between 3 and 4 years. The effect is less durable if you have tooth-staining habits (tobacco, tea…).

What are the adverse effects?

Some people experience high sensitivity to cold during or after the treatment. These symptoms are usually temporary and disappear at the end of the treatment with the help of fluoride.

Do kits bought at shops entail any risks?

These sets do not contain enough bleaching products to be effective and some which are bought on the Internet may contain acids or abrasives which are very harmful to tooth enamel.

Can I bleach a tooth which has darkened after an endodontic treatment?

The odontologist must be consulted first in order to assess the possibility of bleaching.

Tooth endodontics must be properly done without a periapical and periodontal pathology.

If the odontologist decides that an attempt can be made, a bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide) will be applied at the crown level in the pulp chamber. After carrying out two or three sessions, the tooth will be reconstructed with a composite.

What do I have to do after having bleached my teeth?

If you want to keep your teeth white as long as possible, you must eliminate the habits that cause tooth darkening:

  • Brush your teeth 3 times a day for 3 minutes using fluoridated toothpaste
  • Visit your dentist regularly to assess the possibility to apply a bleaching reminder treatment if necessary.

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