Frequently Asked Questions about Orthodontics

Frequently Asked Questions about Orthodontics

Is it necessary to extract teeth for the treatment to be performed?

Tooth extraction is avoided whenever possible, but it is sometimes necessary in order to achieve a good outcome. This is usually decided after carrying out a study with x-rays and plaster models.

Is it painful?

Patients usually experience some dental discomfort during the first days of orthodontic device placement which disappear after taking a painkiller.

Sometimes injuries appear in the internal part of the cheeks which heal quickly. Using orthodontic wax is recommended to avoid this; it is applied on the brackets.

When the arches are changed during the treatment, it is also common to spend some days in which teeth show sensitivity to chewing.

At what age can an orthodontic treatment be started?

Most of the orthodontic treatments with multibracket systems start around the age of 12 years, when all the permanent teeth have erupted.

However, there are interceptive orthodontic as well as orthopaedic treatments which start from the age of 6 years.

Is there an age limit?

There is no limit to perform an orthodontic treatment. The orthodontist will carry out a study to evaluate the different possibilities and choose an appropriate treatment.

How long does an orthodontic treatment last?

The duration of the orthodontic treatment depends on the problem to be treated, the type of device, the speed at which the teeth move and the patient’s degree of collaboration.

It generally ranges between 1 year for simple cases and 24 months for the most complex cases.

When do I have to visit the orthodontist for the first time?

It is advisable to have the first visit from the age of 6 years so that some dental and skeletal anomalies can be early detected.

The orthodontist will be able to give advice to parents and children so that bad habits such as the use of a dummy for too long or thumb sucking (digital suction) can be corrected.

Are brackets too visible?

No, because they are made of ceramic which closely resembles the colour of the tooth. They are not stained and their edges are smooth and rounded for better comfort.

How often will I have to visit the Orthodontist?

Once the treatment has started, you will have to come every 6 weeks (we will give you an appointment every 6 weeks).

Can the orthodontic treatment deteriorate my teeth?

Orthodontics does not damage teeth, but plaque does.

Hygiene must be perfect during the treatment; otherwise, the enamel may suffer decalcification, caries and also gum inflammation (gingivitis).

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