Preventive and Interactive Orthodontics

Preventive and Interactive Orthodontics

Its purpose is the early treatment of small orthodontic problems which could become serious and difficult-to-correct malocclusions if they are allowed to evolve freely.

Malocclusion can be due to many reasons:

The hereditary ones: which go from parents to children (prognathisms, cross bites)

The acquired ones: which are all those which alter the development of teeth and maxillae throughout the child’s growth:

  • The dummy and thumb sucking
    Difficult-to-solve dento-skeletal alterations may be caused if they continue beyond the age of 4 years.
  • Atypical deglutition
    This is a habit in which the tongue pushes the teeth when swallowing. It can result in open bites or other alterations.
  • Mouth breathing
    The most common one, it causes alterations in face growth. It may be due to large adenoids, frequent colds… which prevent normal nose breathing.
  • A lateral cross bite
    Easily solved at the beginning; it can later lead to deformations such as maxillary asymmetry which can only have a surgical solution.
  • Number of teeth
    Ageneses (absence of a growth tooth) or supernumerary teeth must diagnose future problems that would complicate the treatment even further.
    It is a frequent cause of malocclusion. For that reason, when we have teeth destroyed by the caries of the adjacent and antagonist teeth, they move to occupy the hole of the caries thus causing an occlusion imbalance.

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